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Odin Package
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Preparation Course (1+ hour)
worth: $47

WP Blueprint Course (0,5+ hour)
worth: $297

Divi Course (2,5+ hours)
worth: $297

Functions & Features

Lifetime access

Constant updates for free

Preparation Workbook
worth: $17

Best Tools for Planning
worth: $17

Best WordPress Plugins
worth: $47

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online payment safe?


We will not receive your credit card information. With super-secure encryption, your data is guaranteed to be safe.

How does online payment work?

  1. After filling out your data, you will be redirected to the secure payment page of Simple.
  2. Here you have to provide your credit card number, the name on it, expiration date, and the card security code.
  3. Depending on the type of your card, you may have to verify the payment. If Simple found everything in order, you are done.

Why is there only a credit card payment option?

1. Superfast

With online payment, everything takes place immediately. As soon as the payment is successful, our systems begin to work in the background. You will immediately receive your login data, your receipt or invoice will be ready, and you will receive an email about the next steps.

2. Secure

Since we do not receive your data and they will be completely encrypted, there isn’t any payment method that is more secure.

3. More time to develop

Thanks to our automations, we can focus on developing our learning materials and helping our students.

4. Cheap

It is cheaper for both parties because we don’t need to hire an administrator and you don’t have to pay a transfer fee.

5. Refund is easy

If you are not satisfied with our service, then we can create the storno invoice at one click and transfer the money back to your bank account. Fortunately, we almost never have to deal with this.

6. Trust

As our success depends on our users’ experience, we can’t let them to have any problems. That’s the main reason why we use the most effective and secure solutions.

Can I request a purchase invoice?

By default, we will issue a receipt for the purchase, but if you check the option to request an invoice on the form, the invoice will be created immediately after your purchase and sent to your e-mail box.

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